The purpose of Y3K Solutions is to assist start-up businesses during their first 5 crucial years to ensure that all  financial, administrative and operational processes are appropriately set-up. Proper structures will ensure the future success of the business as it progresses through the various business life cycles.

We focus on businesses with an annual turnover of less than R10 000 000 AND where the founders/owners embrace a mindset of growth through positive, progressive change interventions.

Who are we

We are a small, but highly skilled team who are energised by the positive change that we help to bring to our clients' businesses.

Our people

What we do

We follow a structured process to identify the areas that need attention, develop a plan to address it, execute the plan and monitor progress with the founder(s)/owner(s).

What we do

How we help you

We use proven techniques and tools to implement whatever process is required to increase the growth of your business in the agreed areas that needs strengthening.

How we do it